Large-scale text-to-image generative models have shown their remarkable ability to synthesize diverse, high-quality images. However, it is still challenging to directly apply these models for editing real images for two reasons. First, it is hard for users to develop a perfect text prompt that accurately describes every visual detail in the input image. Second, while existing models can introduce desirable changes in certain regions, they often dramatically alter the input content and introduce unexpected changes in unwanted regions. In this work, we propose pix2pix-zero, an image-to-image translation method that can preserve the content of the original image without manual prompting. We first automatically discover editing directions that reflect desired edits in the text embedding space. To preserve the general content structure after editing, we propose cross-attention guidance, which aims to retain the cross-attention maps of the input image throughout the diffusion process. In addition, our method does not need additional training for these edits and can directly use the existing pre-trained text-to-image diffusion model. We conduct extensive experiments and show that our method outperforms existing and concurrent works for real and synthetic image editing.

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