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Fine-Tune with CSV

To generate accurate results, fine-tune your model using the relevant data in your CSV file, with two or more columns.

  • See the cost of fine-tuning before proceeding
  • Works with two or more columns
  • No coding required

JSON Format

When you select multiple columns for prompt or completion, they will be converted into JSON format automatically, which enables you to obtain structured data from OpenAI.

  • Simple user interface to test your models
  • Supports both prompt and completion
  • Predictable format every time

Any Integrations

JSON format is a widely used data interchange format that is supported by most integrations, modern programming languages and web APIs.

  • Interface directly with OpenAI API
  • Integrate with Zapier, and more

Long-term Memory

Powered by Embeddings & ChatGPT. Long-term memory enable storing and extracting data based on text similarity. Store and retrieve data with text, CSV or through API.

  • Simple user interface to upload you data
  • API integration to search for top results
  • Share your knowledge base with a URL

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