We propose a method for text-driven perpetual view generation — synthesizing long videos of arbitrary scenes solely from an input text describing the scene and camera poses. We introduce a novel framework that generates such videos in an online fashion by combining the generative power of a pre-trained text-to-image model with the geometric priors learned by a pre-trained monocular depth prediction model. To achieve 3D consistency, i.e., generating videos that depict geometrically-plausible scenes, we deploy an online test-time training to encourage the predicted depth map of the current frame to be geometrically consistent with the synthesized scene; the depth maps are used to construct a unified mesh representation of the scene, which is updated throughout the generation and is used for rendering. In contrast to previous works, which are applicable only for limited domains (e.g., landscapes), our framework generates diverse scenes, such as walkthroughs in spaceships, caves, or ice castles. Project page: this https URL

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