Visual robotic manipulation research and applications often use multiple cameras, or views, to better perceive the world. How else can we utilize the richness of multi-view data? In this paper, we investigate how to learn good representations with multi-view data and utilize them for visual robotic manipulation. Specifically, we train a multi-view masked autoencoder which reconstructs pixels of randomly masked viewpoints and then learn a world model operating on the representations from the autoencoder. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our method in a range of scenarios, including multi-view control and single-view control with auxiliary cameras for representation learning. We also show that the multi-view masked autoencoder trained with multiple randomized viewpoints enables training a policy with strong viewpoint randomization and transferring the policy to solve real-robot tasks without camera calibration and an adaptation procedure. Videos demonstrations in real-world experiments and source code are available at the project website: this https URL.

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