Training complex machine learning (ML) architectures requires a compute and time consuming process of selecting the right optimizer and tuning its hyper-parameters. A new paradigm of learning optimizers from data has emerged as a better alternative to hand-designed ML optimizers. We propose Mnemosyne optimizer, that uses Performers: implicit low-rank attention Transformers. It can learn to train entire neural network architectures including other Transformers without any task-specific optimizer tuning. We show that Mnemosyne: (a) generalizes better than popular LSTM optimizer, (b) in particular can successfully train Vision Transformers (ViTs) while meta–trained on standard MLPs and (c) can initialize optimizers for faster convergence in Robotics applications. We believe that these results open the possibility of using Transformers to build foundational optimization models that can address the challenges of regular Transformer training. We complement our results with an extensive theoretical analysis of the compact associative memory used by Mnemosyne.

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