Latitude’s AI SQL Assistant uses Open AI’s GPT-3 Models to suggest code and entire SQL functions in real-time, based on your prompts and right from your data project canvas.

Latitude was born with a clear focus: help companies extract value from data by improving the way you interact with it. Our team has worked (and struggled) with data for years now, and we are aware of the day-to-day challenges and issues that technical teams have been facing when it comes to working with data.

Different spreadsheet versions, manually connecting databases, fragmented data, building and maintaining pipelines, crashed BI reports, never-ending requests in queue… you name it. All of these scenarios make getting value out of data incredibly slow and inefficient.

We firmly believe that the biggest value of data interaction comes from how fast you can answer a question with reliable data. People at companies need to make decisions. Based on data. Today. Not next quarter.

Data “duties” end up more often than not at the Tech team’s table. And developers are busy with guess what… making sure the roadmap is happening and that all systems are up and running. It’s hard to navigate this sea of changing priorities and make sure that everything works fine.

That’s why any major improvement in the data process can save tons of dev resources and accelerate the decision-making inside an organization. And today, Latitude is happy to announce a major one with our new SQL AI Assistant.

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