The recent success of text-to-image generation diffusion models has also revolutionized semantic image editing, enabling the manipulation of images based on query/target texts. Despite these advancements, a significant challenge lies in the potential introduction of prior bias in pre-trained models during image editing, e.g., making unexpected modifications to inappropriate regions. To this point, we present a novel Dual-Cycle Diffusion model that addresses the issue of prior bias by generating an unbiased mask as the guidance of image editing. The proposed model incorporates a Bias Elimination Cycle that consists of both a forward path and an inverted path, each featuring a Structural Consistency Cycle to ensure the preservation of image content during the editing process. The forward path utilizes the pre-trained model to produce the edited image, while the inverted path converts the result back to the source image. The unbiased mask is generated by comparing differences between the processed source image and the edited image to ensure that both conform to the same distribution. Our experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method, as it significantly improves the D-CLIP score from 0.272 to 0.283. The code will be available at this https URL.

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