What is ChatSpot.AI?

The tool combines the power of ChatGPT and HubSpot CRM and Google Docs/Sheets, keyword research data, company data, and many other things! It’s an all-in-one, AI-powered tool to help you grow better.

It’s all available via a chat-based natural language interface. All in one place.

Secret Unlock code: Once in, type: “Unlock I love ProductHunt badge”

Getting Started
1) It’s easy! First, sign-up for the waitlist using the link at the top.

2) connect your HubSpot portal. (You can connect more than one and switch between them, too.)

3) That’s it! Just go to the “Chat” link and start submitting prompts. You should start with some of the suggested prompts shown in the left side panel.

Examples of the kinds of prompts you can submit:

Give me a summary of data in my portal

Create a report of companies added last quarter summarized by country

Generate an image of an orange rocket ship

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