• Bardeen detects your manual workflows and crafts custom automations.
  • In the app, you will be able to type specific tasks that you want to automate (e.g. “scrape http://producthunt.com products and save to Google Sheets), and It will automatically create automations for you.
  • It will also enhance the efficiency of your outreach emails! Choose a social profile of a prospect, and it will automatically generate a personalized email, based on their profile data.
  • It will allow you to automatically transcribe your meetings within a single click. Not only that, but it will also write you a concrete action plan, analyzed by the transcription’s output.
  • You’ll be able to let it scour through all your text communications, like emails and Slack messages, to effortlessly relocate tasks to your workspace.
  • Wanna go viral on Twitter? Just choose influencers that you want to tweet like, such as @mattturck, @elonmusk, or @garyvee. (@mattturck is our personal favorite). Bardeen will automatically write a tweet for you. Tweet like the pros in seconds, no more writer’s block.
  • It will automate competitor research in just a few minutes. Just choose a target website and let it automatically pull information from it and analyze it for you.

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