People have been saying Github Copilot will replace programmers. We think that’s wrong. We have all powerful models and we want to restrict them to writing code? All code has bugs!

Code is not the ideal way to encode business logic. Code must be reviewed, and it does what you tell it, not what you want. The proper format for business logic is human intelligence.

So we thought, who needs python and ec2s and biz logic and postgres?

We’ve built a entire Backend+Database powered by an LLM. It infers business logic based on the name of the API call and can persist a kilobyte of state!

Here’s the experience of the future:

  1. Instruct the LLM on the purpose of the backend (i.e. “This is a todo list app”)
  2. Write the initial json blob for the database state (i.e. {todo_items: [{title: “eat breakfast”, completed: true}, {title: “go to school”, completed: false}]}
  3. Start making API calls! You now have infinite backend endpoints that will infer their own business logic and update the persistent state!

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