almostmagic is a library that lets you generate structured string data using AI with a single Line of code (okay, maybe two lines).

Under the hood, the library is a wrapper around the OpenAI API, but, unlike the API, it’s easy to use and doesn’t require you to know anything about “prompt engineering.” You just use a function where you say what you want to generate and what you want to use as input, and it does the rest.

This way, you can quickly integrate AI capabilities for all kinds of small things (or big things, for that matter), for example:

  • Building a tweet scheduler? Use almostmagic to provide tweet ideas for your users based on their Twitter bio.
  • Shipping a document editor? Use almostmagic to auto-name your users’ documents.
  • Making a to-do list app? Use almostmagic to suggest new tasks based on the user’s current tasks.

And so on, with your own imagination being the only limit.

Isn’t that magic? Well, at least almost?

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